Summer Sunset (24 x 8).jpg

 Virginia's love of art began while growing up in a quaint New England town...
"I vividly remember sitting with my mother in our small home (at the kitchen table), surrounded by her artist brushes, and all the beautiful colors!  She taught me how to mix colors and create new ones. She encouraged me to experiment, and loved what I accomplished.  That instilled in me a love of color and the arts that has carried with me no matter what I was doing in my life."

After raising a family and having successful careers as a Cytologist in medical research and a real estate Broker, Virginia then chose to focus on her Art. Mainly self taught with early lesson from her mother, she has attended numerous workshops throughout New England to gain further knowledge from master painters. These experiences have added new techniques to assist Virginia in creating her art in her own style.

"My work reflects my obsession with color, light, and the surrounding beauty of nature.  I hope that it tells not only my story , but yours as well."